August 18, 2019

On Saturday, 17 December 2011, the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (RLS) organised an event on “The Potential of Organic Farming to Mitigate the Climate Change”, with the support the Green Generation Network and Live & Learn Vietnam. It was a kick-off event for a series of office events in 2012 named: “Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Vietnam and the Hanoi Youth Together Against Climate Change”.

The main objectives of the workshop were to recap 2011’s office events, introduce 2012’s activities, and to bring in the idea, that organic agriculture can help to both mitigate and adapt to global climate change. The event attracted 80 participants, including students from several universities, NGO workers, government officials, researchers, many journalists and individuals interested in climate change and agricultural issues. The guest speaker was Mr. Cory W. Whitney, a sustainable international agriculture and organic agriculture expert.

In the opening session, Hoang Duc Minh gave a review of the 2011 events hosted by the RLS, the Green Generation Network, and Live & Learn Vietnam on “Energy in the Future”. He then presented the planned activities in 2012 including both indoor and outdoor events on the themes of climate change and sustainable development.

Cory Whitney then shared his experiences in international environmental research with the participants, and his work with non-profits and NGOs. He stressed the potential for mitigation and adaptation to global climate change through organic production. Organic systems play an important role in building sustainable soil, with high water holding capacities and the ability to store natural nutrients. He spoke about the high carbon sequestration through building soil, using cover crops, and therefore supporting the surrounding biodiversity as well. Mr. Whitney also explained the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through organic production, because of the lower use of fossil fuel and less chemical inputs.

To close the event, all participants went to Hanoi’s organic food market, where they saw a showcase of organic products, and learnt how organic farming helps the local economy.


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