February 21, 2018

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As well as cooperation with project partners, Rosa- Luxemburg-Stiftung SEA (RLS) has also worked on implementing its own programs, in 2009, the so called ‘Small Office Events” initiative was launched. It still continues today under various topics and areas of interest, all working to enrich and support the current key activities of RLS.

From the early 2009 to 2011, the Small Office Events initiative was structured into and carried out training activities aimed at equipping the youth with knowledge of and understanding about sustainable development. At the same time, it also helped to build capacity for participants in environmental education. By taking part in the training, the young participants had a great chance to exchange and discuss relevant issues of green and sustainable growth, got knowledge and important skills for planning and implementing their own campaigns toward socio-economic and sustainable development in Vietnam. These collective activities were later promoted to become the “Be Change Agents” program, an effective collaboration between RLS SEA and the NGO Live and Learn (Center for Living and Learning for Community and Environment).

During the 2012-2014 period, the initiative continues and aims to provide knowledge to the youth and create a platform for the exchange of ideas and holding discussions. In 2012, one of the most attractive topics was Climate change which was highlighted in the Earth Song event participated vehemently by over 300 youngsters. It was a very successful activity with widespread news coverage and online postings and was also broadcast on channel VTV1 on Vietnamese television. In 2013, the main topic for the Small Office Events initiative was “My city” aimed at discussions of cultural aspects together with exhibitions, roundtable talks and music programs. The speakers invited came from different walks of life, from the prominent economist Pham Chi Lan and Professor Nguyen Lan Dung to practitioners such as members of the businesses and workers working for waste treatment factories.

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In 2014 and the years ahead, this programmatic initiative will continue to target the youth population and concerned stakeholders. It will also be expanded to include writing contests, exhibitions and movie shows, all aimed at providing knowledge, equipping skills, and enabling more young participants in socially effective activities.