December 13, 2019

Action Aid Vietnam (AAV)

With 25 years of working experience in Vietnam, Action Aid Vietnam (AAV) is one among the most reputable international non-governmental organizations in the country with the long-term vision of a just, equitable and sustainable world in which every person enjoys the right to a life of dignity.

Cambodian Center for Independent Media (CCIM)

CCIM is an independent and professional media organization in Cambodia that works to promote freedom of expression, access to information and responsible journalism in Cambodia through media production and dissemination as well as community projects’ implementation. It remains the main source of information for the majority of international and local organizations across the country.

Center for Development of Community Initiative and Environment (C&E)

C&E is a Vietnamese not-for-profit and non-governmental organization that works to promote participation and improves capacity of local community groups and organizations for better solutions to environmental issues that are related to their life, contributing to a sustainable environment in Vietnam.

Center for Social Research and Development (CSRD)

CSRD is an non-governmental organization which aims to support people who are particularly vulnerable to climate and social change. Its ambitions are to enhance the adaptability of the affected to climate change, to improve their living standards and promote the sustainable usage of natural resources.

Focus on the Global South (FGS)

FGS is an international NGO with expertise in developing new alternatives and progressive development models with stakeholders from the Global South. In close partnership with these actors, FGS facilitates the development of concepts, which not only take economic aspects into consideration but also focus the socio-economic and ecological transformation challenges in the Global South.


GreenID is a not-for-profit organization that is committed to promote green, low carbon, environmentally-friendly development and natural resource protection. GreenID firmly believes that viable and sustainable solutions to the region’s current challenges can only be achieved if local communities are involved in the whole process from planning to execution. GreenID works to achieve this in close collaboration with relevant national and international stakeholders by applying a systematic, integrated, inclusive and forward-looking approach to its work and its mandate.

Ho Chi Minh City – University of Laws (HCM UL)

HCM UL, established in 1996, is the leading university in the Southern Vietnam, officially assigned with the task of developing human resources in the legal field for the country. Presently, the university plays an important role as a legal research and advisory body for the Vietnamese government in the legal and public administrative reform.

Institute for Legislative Studies (ILS)

The ILS is an agency that is subordinated directly to the Standing Committee of National Assembly and has the function of conducting theoretical and practical researches relating to organization and activity of the National Assembly, managing scientific advocacy in order to support the implementation of obligations and power of the National Assembly’s bodies and representatives.

Institute for Policy and Management (IPAM)

IPAM was founded at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in order to promote research, training, consulting as well as establish a “think tank” network in Vietnam, participate in international and regional scientific forums, and serve as the focal point for policy and management resources in Vietnam.

Institute for Workers and Trade Union (IWTU)

The IWTU serves as a think-tank of the VGCL (Vietnam General Confederation of Labour). The main function of the IWTU is to conduct research focusing on emerging issues related to workers, in particular, and Vietnamese people, in general in order to advise the VGCL in the process of its participation in the law-making and policy-making process with an aim of improving the economic, political, social and cultural life of Vietnamese people.

Institute of Philosophy – Vietnam Academy of Social Science (IoP-VASS)

The Institute of Philosophy is an organization run under the administration of the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences with the basic functions and tasks of doing research on Vietnam’s socialist-oriented development from the perspective of philosophy, making a contribution into provision of scientific grounds for the Communist Party as well as the State strategy-planning and policy-making, building a scientific worldview and academic methodology,  providing philosophical consultancy and postgraduate training; and participating in development of social scientific potentialities of the whole country.


In January 2007, German filmmaker Nico Mesterharm and his Cambodian team opened Phnom Penh’s META HOUSE in association with the International Academy at the Free University of Berlin. META HOUSE has not only established itself as a meeting place for artists and art lovers, but also as an intercultural and interdisciplinary networking platform. They firmly believe that contemporary art is a marker of development. The growth of expressive art forms is crucial to the development of any society.

National Academy for Politics and Public Administration – Institute of Scientific Socialism (NAPA-IS)

NAPA is a professional organization which belongs directly to the Central Committee of the Vietnamese Communist Party, led by the Politburo and Secretary Committee. The Academy is the center for training and education of key leaders as well as political officers of the Party, State and socio-political organizations. The Academy is also the center for conducting researches related to Marxist-Leninist theory, Ho Chi Minh’s ideology, the Communist Party and State’s policies, political sciences etc. RLS SEA cooperates directly with the institute of Scientific Socialism (IS), one unit of NAPA.

Office of the National Assembly of Laos (ONAL)

The Laos National Assembly is the representative body of the rights, powers and interests of the multi-ethnic people of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic. The National Assembly also serves as the legislative institution that has the right to make decisions on fundamental issues of the country and to oversee the activities of the executive organs, the people’s courts and the Office of the Public Prosecutor.

Research Center for Gender, Family and Community Development (GFCD)

GFCD is Vietnamese non-governmental organization which focuses on the rights of underprivileged women and gender equality. Their activities involve studies on the situations of underprivileged women as well as capacity-building measures for these.

Viet Nam Institute for International and Public Diplomacy Studies/People’s Aid Coordinating Committee (VPDS/PACCOM)

The Viet Nam Institute for International and Public Diplomacy Studies under the Viet Nam Union of Friendship Organizations (VUFO) was established as a functional entity specialized in researches on foreign affairs, public diplomacy and development issues, and training and policy advocacy. Accordingly, VPDS plays an important role in gathering resources to create new developments for VUFO’s research activities, contributing to promoting public diplomacy of Viet Nam.

Vietnam Peace and Development Foundation (VPDF)

The VPDF is an institution under the Viet Nam Union of Friendship Organizations (VUFO)   working for peace, democracy and social progress, for equitable and sustainable development. They have established a wide network of international partners around the globe and initiated activities to promote solidarity, friendship and cooperation. VPDF contributes to their network with a variety of researches, international workshops and information exchange.

Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA)

VUSTA is the biggest network of non-governmental science and technology organizations in Vietnam. So far the Union is constituted by 77 associations, 63 provincial branches and over 400 affiliated science and technology organizations.