February 21, 2018

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In Vietnam, RLS is currently working with a diverse range of partners, from local NGOs to governmental institutes and universities. As well as funding, RLS offers a range of trainings to its partners in finance and also in project management.

RLS operates a result oriented approach for its partners, this provides flexibility during the implementation of projects, but this approach can also make it more difficult to measure the outcomes of these projects. In October 2009, RLS conducted its first training program to introduce our PME (Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation) system, to our partners. The focus of most of our projects is to solve a social or political issue, to measure the outcomes of these issues is not an easy task especially because most of our partners face difficulties to formulate the indicators. So in 2010, RLS held a training course on recognizing and formulating indicators which was leaded by Mrs. Liliane Danso from RLS headquarters in Berlin. In 2013, we conducted an assessment to discover what training our partners needed most. We organized the training into three categories: report writing, film making and policy advocacy with external experts. The training seemed to be more effective since it had been engineered to address the specific needs of our partners during their current work.

As well as providing training for project management, RLS also offers annual financial training for its partners. The training aims not only to educate on RLS’s financial regulations, but also on improving financial management. Since 2011 the training provided by RLS has been divided into two levels, beginner and advanced, to cater for the specific needs of different partners.

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While implementing a project, we see so often that the project managers don’t know a lot about financial regulations and the project accountants don’t understand much about the project activities. This situation can cause difficulties during the implementation process. In 2012, we offered training for both project managers and accountants working together, in order to exchange knowledge and overcome these issues.

Both the financial and project management training provided for our partners is done so on an annual basis. By this, we hope not only to improve their capacity but also create an opportunity for our partners to meet and discuss their work exchanging knowledge and experiences.