November 18, 2019

Monograph on Vietnamese Domestic Workers

Mar 25, 2019 392

Domestic work has long existed not only in Vietnam but also in almost all countries in the world. Domestic workers, most of them are women, play an important role not only for the families employing them but ...

International solidarity must grow stronger for peace

Oct 26, 2018 251

by Phuoc Buu* QUANG TRI, Vietnam — The current global situation has produced a strong need for solidarity among people around the world, sparkling a meeting of peace and solidarity activists around the world for discussions on ...

Solidarity from all over the world with Vietnam

Feb 28, 2018 847

Opening of the exhibition entitled ‘50 Jahre Tet-Offensive 50 Jahre 1968’ (50 years Tet offensive – 50 years 1968) Half a century ago people around the world – from East to West and North to South – ...