December 14, 2019

Eco-week 2018 is an event carrying out by the Center Development of Community and Environmental Initiatives (C&E) co-organizing with the support of the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Southeast Asia (RLS SEA).

Eco-week 2018 was held for 6 days from 26 to 31 October 10, 2018 co-organized with the Faculty of Economics of Ho Chi Minh Economics University. The project promoted ecological lifestyle amongst lecturers and students, the integration of ecological lifestyles in university teaching environment. Young people are empowered to identify their shared problems, work out solutions together and developed, maintain their consumption pattern, ecological lifestyles. The curriculum, toolkits and campaign were shared widely with not only C&E’s partners but also to other individual and organization who work in education, environment and sustainability. The eco-week was integrated as an extra-curriculum activity of the university

Eco-week 2018 brought to students new ideas and activities related to eco-lifestyle in different daily topics, including: Water, Waste, Responsible Tourism , Food, Eco-consumption, and Green Start-up. Topics were appoarched by a diverse of learning activities including seminars, workshops, exhibitions, presentations, hands-on experiences, crowdfunfing, gardening from recycled stuffed at the campus of UEH. Eco-week 2018 consisted of two inseparable part, Eco-lecture and Eco-Space. Eco-lecture was specially designed for 70 students from HCMC University of Economics and teachers who has participated in the workshop “Intergrating innovative approaches into education program on ecological lifestyle for students” in Quang Nam September 2018. 70 potential students from the UEH were selected to participate in the Eco-lecture, including indoor and outdoor training, excursions, project development and an opportunity to receive technical support to develop their proposals. Along with the Eco-lecture for 70 trainees, Eco-space was opened for public and environmental projects in HCMC.

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