December 13, 2019

Can Tho, 19th October 2018

On 19th October 2018, the Institute for Policy and Management (IPAM) – University of Social Sciences and Humanities Hanoi (USSH-H), together with Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Southeast Asia (RLS SEA), organized one international workshop on “Social, Ecological, Economic Transformation in Vietnam: Theories and Practices”, in Can Tho city, Vietnam. The participation and active contribution of Vietnamese and international scientists and policy makers made a significant success of the event.

According to the scientists, the world is facing with more and more severe resources extraction and increasing environmental pollution, which are direct consequences of economic growth paradigm, transformation of development models and global climate change. Therefore, reviewing and adjusting the development values are of great importance. As a developing country, Vietnam is facing with social, ecological issues in the transition to the market economy, which requires systematic and interdisciplinary researches on ecological, economic and social convergence. At the workshop, scientists from various disciplines presented and exchanged theories and practical approaches, as well as provided supporting arguments to policy making and implementation process, in order to select effective development strategies with minimum risks and negative impacts to the society and environment.

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