October 17, 2019

Hanoi, 18th May 2018

On 18th May 2018, the Institute of Legislative Studies (ILS) of the Standing Committee, National Assembly of Vietnam, in cooperation with Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Southeast Asia (RLS SEA), organized a workshop on “Laws and policies for trade unions and workers: Vietnamese and European experiences”. This activity was a continuing success after a joint workshop on “Improving the Bill on Labor (amended)”, by the two organizations, in April 2017, in Quang Ninh. Attending the event was MPs from Vietnam, Vietnamese and international experts on Labor issues, representatives of the Bill on Labor drafting board, representative of Law schools, some of central and local agencies which will be affected by the bill when it takes effect. The participants openly discussed various issues relating to labor aspects, including: trade union, strike, over-working hours, retirement age, and so on. They all agreed that basically, the laws of Vietnam relating to child labor, minimum wages, working hours and occupational health and safety need to be assessed to be compatible with standards and commitments in CPTPP and EVFTA. There are also a number of points related to forced labor that need to consider between the Vietnamese regulations and the basic ILO standards (Convention No. 29 and No. 105) such as: the introduction of criminal penalties for forced labor, drug addicts being sent to the detoxification camp on a voluntary basis, or a court decision, and the use of prisoner labor in private sector. In conclusion, according to experts, some other contents of the Bill should be further reviewed to ensure the feasibility, practicality, rationality and uniformity of the Vietnamese legal system.

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