October 17, 2019

From 18-21 September 2018, C&E with the supports from Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Southeast Asia (RLS SEA) conducted a training for young lecturers from universities across Vietnam on “Integrating innovative approaches into educational programs in ecological lifestyle for students”. The 4-day training featured with different types of activities and team works such as: round-table discussion, role-play model, presentations, field trips to ecological sites, etc. About 40 young lecturers, who involved in curriculum-designing and teaching at their respective universities had the opportunities to explore in-depth knowledge and experiment the approach of comprehensive learning, practice-oriented teaching methodology as well as liberal education that enable them to master their teaching skills in ecological-related subjects.

The trainees also had the opportunity to debate on selected topic and worked together on case study. For instance: the training divided into 5 groups representing 5 relevant stake holders discussed about 1 issue: Hoi An city will ban plastic bag in 2020, the 5 groups includes: Ministry of Environment and Natural resources (MONRE), company for plastic product, eco-friendly company, people who support, people who oppose, and a chairperson; or the trainees divided into 6 groups (5-6 each) working in the 6 curriculums of training, the young lectures were required to learn about the topic and discussed on the new teaching method following 3 main questions: 1, Analysis student; 2, Objectives; 3, Experiment, the groups then presented their working results and got feedbacks from experts and participants (a kind of ‘test experiment”).

On the field trip day, the trainees visited 2 ecological sites of Hoi An (An Nhien farm and Tan bamboo) to explore the works and related problems. The young lectures expressed, that they would organize similar visits  for their students as experiment exercises, or alternatively, they will incorporating the materials and videos it in their classes.

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