November 18, 2019

On 7 January 2017, Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Southeast Asia (RLS SEA), Representative Office in Hanoi organised two “Focus Group Discussion” with the particpants from policy makers, researchers and CSOs to work on the theme of “Social Justice” and “Participatory Politics”.

“Focus Group Discussion” is an outcome monitoring tool of RLS that based on very open formulated guiding questions to reflect on general issues related to RLS SEA’s programme. Each programme’s focus group discussion is expected to take place once a year to evaluate what has changed over the year.

The purpose of the meeting is to collect and document information on RLS SEA’s programme related issues as well as to gather opinions from a small group of selected people who are experts on respective sectors. The RLS seeks to learn from the experiences exchanged by experts. Each meeting is determine to gather around 4 people to discuss broad questions which remain the same continuously and to check, if the answers are changing over the years or not.

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