December 13, 2019

With the support of RLS, PACCOM and the Viet Nam Institute for International and Public Diplomacy (VPDS – a newly established institute VUFO) organized the workshop titled “The role of people’s organizations in multi-lateral diplomacy” 30 Nov. 2016.  The workshop provided a platform for audience – policy makers, representatives of people’s organizations, INGOs – to share and exchange about the role, achievements of Vietnam’ multi-lateral diplomacy as well as the possible participation of people’s organizations in multilateral forums. It is recommended that socio-political organizations shall be more proactive in searching for resources, and networking with regional and international organizations. Mr. Dong Huy Cuong (VUFO), a workshop speaker, stressed that there should be a better connection between government, and government agencies with people’s organizations. It is also recommended that the government shall provide institutional support to capable socio-political organizations to facilitate their deeper engagement in regional and international platforms. It is expected that Vietnam civic institutions would play a more active role in Vietnam’s multilateral diplomacy in the years to come.

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