December 13, 2019

The book “Beyond Development” is a first result of the Permanent Working Group on Alternatives to Development which was set up in the Andean region at the start of 2010. The working group is coordinated from the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung’s regional office in Quito, represents an effort to practice an ecology of knowledge, based on the confluence of concrete experiences – not just the experiences of activists in various spheres of civil society, but also those of working in the institutions of the inherited state, the ancestral knowledge of indigenous cultures that have subsisted outside the hegemonic system, and the critical thinking of intellectuals from different disciplines.
Its debates build on a basic agreement: that the range of the changes and political strategies we need surpasses the limits of alternatives proposed within the hegemonic concept of development. In this sense, the group’s name, “alternatives to development,” indicates a political position with regard to this concept which, historically, has usually been perceived in Latin American countries as something positive.

the full book can be found here: English version; Vietnamese version.

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