May 19, 2019

On 19th of April, Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Southeast Asia (RLS SEA) in cooperation with Institute of Policy and Management (IPAM), University of Social Sciences and Humanities (USSH HN) organized the dialogue titled “Youth towards Work and Employment” in the series of RLS SEA’s “Small Office Event” that had attracted a lot of senior students to attend as employment has become a major concern for young people and youth unemployment, underemployment have increased rather than decreased in Vietnam. IMG_2456
To start the dialogue, on behalf of RLS SEA, the Director of RLS SEA, Mrs. Liliane Danso-Dahmen expressed her concerns of RLS SEA towards the future of Vietnamese young generation, especially of students who are about to graduate from their respective universities and start finding jobs in the context of global economic crisis nowadays, RLS SEA see the need of creating a good and constructive environment for those students to get to the right approach and well aware of the upcoming challenges that they have to face once they finish their students’ life.
11174219_995004217176394_218893958344164441_oFollowed by the presentation describing the survey’s results by Nguyen Thu Trang – senior student from USSH HN that pointed out 32% of people were asked do not have any plan for the future’s job – that is an alarming number for the nearly-graduated students. On the other hand, Dr. Trinh Ngoc Thach, Vice Chairman of National Assembly’s Committee on Culture, Education, Youth and Children shared his views on the education’s policies in Vietnam as well as the interaction between ministries regarding the issue. According to him, the students and their parents should not just blame on the Government for the unemployment rate but also need to be more active and dynamic in finding their own job. For the next presentation, Ms. Duong Thi Thu Ha, Head of the office of Administration, vice president of Trade Union shared her experiences in both applying and recruiting job. In her point of view, the fresh graduate should not either try to be “a tiger” or “a bunny” but rather start from the very minor things. For Dr. Dao Thanh Truong, Vice Director of IPAM – as the last speaker, he also emphasized the need of self-engagement in every each student, involving in diverse sectors and activities – that would help to bring themselves to more opportunities of occupation. After the absorbing speeches, students from USSH HN had a chance to speak about their thoughts and opinions by asking questions of matters they are concerned.
10420395_995004983842984_2076816760810733465_nThis program was met with the expectation of creating a beneficial environment with a lot of experiences, ideas exchanged. The event helps students with the advices from excellent speakers, who came to share their knowledge, career orientation, expectations. The event created a forum, where all the speakers could listen from the participants, answered their questions and helped them fully equipped and confident with the knowledge of job market in Vietnam, what they have and what they need and further identified the difficulties, challenges for young people. This had become a beneficial environment to learn and discuss, help the youth facing with their upcoming challenge.

Media News about the Dialouge “Youth towards Work and Employment”

 Author: Nguyen Thi Nhu Trang

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