October 17, 2019

From June 24th to June 26th 2014 Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Southeast Asia (RLS SEA) organised its yearly partner workshop “Enhancing Capacity for RLS Southeast Asia´s Partners in Financial Performance”. The aim of the workshop was to train RLS partner in finance and thereby optimize the procedures. But also the exchange between the partners did not go short.

The first day started with the partners’ self-introduction and an overview about the workshop. Nadja Charaby, head of RLS SEA and Duong Huong Giang, finance manager of RLS SEA welcomed the over 60 participants from NGOs, universities and other research organisations from Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. In their speeches they pointed out that the money for the organisations is tax money from Germany and because of that exact reporting is necessary. But also uniform standards and approaches are needed to organise the work between RLS SEA and the partners as effective and smooth as possible.

Concerning the contents the day started with general introduction of RLS SEAs financial guidelines. Main points were the frequency and the special form of reports as well as problems like financial loss because auf different exchange rates between the different currencies.

After that Duong Huong Giang and Christopher Wimmer, RLS SEAs intern, reported on financial and cultural-political characteristics for information tours to Germany. In the following the participants were asked to create an own fictitious finance plan in small groups. After that the plans were discussed in the whole group and improved with concrete examples like costs for speakers: German speakers are paid by the RLS in Berlin, everybody else has to be paid by the local partners.

The second days started with an introduction to the work with excel files. Nguyen Thuy Ha, finance officer of RLS SEA, described the special rules, partners have to pay attention to while creating an excel file: accurate, relevant & timely.

On Wednesday afternoon two partners of RLS SEA had the chance to present their files and share experiences with financing by the foundation:

The Vietnam National Assembly’s Institute of Legislative Studies (ILS) is the parliament’s research centre and for four years partner of RLS SEA. Mr. Truong Quoc Hung from the ILS gave a speech for the trainees of the (not yet implemented) right of adoption for same-sex couples in the new family law or LGBT-rights.

Nguyen Thi Hai Yen (University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Ho Chi Minh City) spoke about their work on capacity building for local policy makers and pointed out a workshop on gender and migration – organized together with RLS SEA. Together with the whole group, the process of financing this congress and improvements for the future work were discussed. Afterwards the participants discussed in small groups open questions. Many participants mentioned problems like costs because of the non-attendance of registered participants. Here the partners had also the chance to exchange, build networks and share experiences.  At the evening the results of the first days could be discussed at the gala-dinner. The evening ended brightly with food, music and dance.

After a short introduction and repetition of the first days the participants had to be active again and perform a financial reporting in the template of RLS excel file by their own. In this connection it was pivotal to utilize the theoretical knowledge in practice by their own. After a discussion in the plenum Duong Huong Giang and Nguyen Thuy Ha could give away some further information: every publication, financed by RLS SEA needs a proof, participants have to sign in by themselves for their presences and bills and (taxi)receipts have to be kept in original.

The following feedback-round pointed out clearly that the participants were satisfied with the workshop and could learn a lot for the work with RLS SEA.  Also the fact that for several participants it was not the first time at the workshop showed the will and the need for training. In conclusion Nadja Charaby gave all the participants the certificate and handouts and publications. With this certificate and the knowledge the partners are now well-prepared for the work with RLS SEA.

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