October 17, 2019

With the support of Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Southeast Asia, Green Innovation and Development Centre (GreenID) cooperating with the Nam Dinh Center for Community Development (NCCD) organized a training workshop for women leaders at village level on sustainable energy solutions, waste management and treatment in Nam Dinh city from 5th to 7th June. This activity is part of the Project “Promoting Participatory and Community – led Energy Planning Approach in Nam Dinh province, Red river Delta in Vietnam”, Phase 2.

At the beginning, 40 participants who all come from the two coastal communes of Nam Dinh – Hai Ly and Hai Chinh (LEP team) – were very shy But right after the warm up game to help people know more about each other, the ice was broken and they began to express themselves much more.

Nguy Thi Khanh – Director of GreenID started the first session by a presentation on the overview of sustainable energy (conception, reasons for using sustainable energy, policies and mechanism towards the development of renewable energy). According to Nguy Thi Khanh, sustainable energy is the combination of renewable energy, along with effective use and the participation of stakeholders that are not only policy makers but also the people. After the comprehensive presentation, most participants were able to do well with the teamwork exercise “Which one is sustainable energy?”. The workshop took place in an exciting, proactive and enthusiastic atmosphere due to diverse training methods, friendly facilitators and positive response of all participants.

The afternoon session continued with the presentation of two representatives from Hai Ly and Hai Chinh commune on the current energy status and their future plans. In both communes, diesel is the energy used most (32% in Hai Ly and 63% in Hai Chinh). With the support from GreenID and NCCD, both LEP teams were able to build up clear action plans to advocate, campaign and raise community awareness for green energy solutions. Besides, they will encourage the ideas of energy efficiency, conduct research on renewable energy and waste management.

“As I know, nowadays energy is a hot and important issue in Vietnam for sustainable development. The price of electricity is increasingly expensive. So I want to know what people can do to save energy, and how communities can participate in power planning. In the past, Germany had experienced power companies’ monopolies but now there are several areas that can produce energy for themselves. As this course applies different methods to promote the participation, I think GreenID’s project must be interesting”, said by Nadja Charaby, Director of Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung in Vietnam. The next two days of the workshop addressed are topics on measures for using and saving energy efficiently at household level and waste management and treatment.

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