October 22, 2018

On 6th May, 2014, Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Southeast Asia supported the Institute of Public Policy and Law (IPL) to organize a conference about the “State apparatus in the 2013 Constitution”. Participants from different positions and institutions joined the workshop. The first speaker Prof. Dao Tri Uc -chairman of IPL held a speech about the 2013 Constitution and its principles in implementing state powers. Dr. Vu Cong Giao from Vietnam National University Law School talked about the opportunities and challenges for institutional reforms from the view of 2013 Constitution.  Dr. Bui Ngoc Thanh- former chairman of  the National Assembly Office, gave his opinion about the Law on the National Assembly in the 2013 Constitution. The fourth speaker was Dr. Nguyen Huu Van- State Auditor General who spoke about state auditing and ensuring democracy in the 2013 Constitution. In the afternoon, Associate Prof. Pham Duy Nghia shared some ideas about how the government needs to change under the people’s pressure. Next, Dr. Vu Duc Khien talked about the National Election Committee; he suggested constructing one ordinance for that. Associate Prof. Dinh Xuan Thao- Chairman of the Institute for Legislative Studies, gave a speech about the Law on Local Governments in the 2013 Constitution. After that, Associate Prof. Nguyen Duc Minh- Vice chairman of the Institute for European Studies, explained some main contents in the 2013 Constitution about local governments. Prof. Tran Ngoc Duong introduced some new contents about the National Assembly law in the 2013 Constitution. Next, Dr. Giang Son commented on Chapter VI. Ms. Cao Vu Minh and Ms. Vo Phan Le Nguyen from the Hanoi Law University discussed the Law on the  State President in the new Constitution. Prof. Pham Hong Thai from HNU, made clarified the law on Government in the 2013 Constitution. Next, Associate Prof. Nguyen Hoa Binh, Chairman of Supreme People’s Procuracy, gave basic orientations to amend the Law on Organization of the Supreme People’s Court. Dr. Tran Van Do, Deputy Chief of the Supreme People’s Court, discussed about the Supreme People’s Court in the new Constitution. As the last speaker, Dr. Nguyen Van Thuan, former head of the Law Committee of the National Assembly, gave his opinion on some independent constitutional laws in the 2013 Constitution. The conference did benefit from a lot of information and passionate discussions. The discourse about the state apparatus should definitely be continued.

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