November 18, 2019

On Saturday 27th October 2013, more than a hundred young people gathered at 9Unplugged Lounge of Zone 9 – a new culture and art centre of Hanoi – to participate in the “Hanoi: eat and play” event, carried out by “Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Southeast Asia” and “The centre of Live and Learn for Environment and Community”.

Hanoi, the 1003 year-old capital of Vietnam, has always been looked at as one of the main culture centres of the country. The city attracts visitors and tourists with its diversity of food, unique architecture and various culture activities – that is what people say. But is it true? At the same time, it is claimed to be lacking of entertainment activities for people; and also there are new trends of activities which are thought to be weird or abnormal. Thus, “What to eat?” and “Where to play?” are hard questions for many people in the city after having to face with pressure from work and society.

The event “Hanoi: Eat, Play and Love” is the third event of the series “Our city” of the year 2013. Participating in the event, young people had the opportunity to explore about the character of culture and entertainment/relaxation activities of old Hanoians and understand more about the situation of young Hanoians during these days: where they usually go, what they usually do.

Mr. Truong Van Quy, a writer who has a great passion for Hanoi, shared about entertainment activities in the 1990s and compared them with what the young Hanoians are doing for entertaining themselves nowadays. Later, representatives of Hanoi Kids – a group of young students who are keen on helping to promote the image of and tourism in Hanoi – shared about the places and kinds of food that they usually introduce to visitors when being asked.

The talk “Hanoi: eat and play” was the third event of the series “Our city” – an annual office event held by Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Southeast Asia for the purpose of creating new space for young people.

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