November 18, 2019

On Saturday, 30th November 2013, approximately a hundred young people gathered at Nhasan Collective of Zone 9 – a new culture and art centre of Hanoi – to participate in the “Hanoi moments” event, which was carried out by “Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Southeast Asia” in cooperation with “The Centre of Live and Learn for Environment and Community” and “The Green Generation Network”.

The event “Hanoi moments” was the fourth and also the last event of the series “My city” – an annual office event organized by Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Southeast Asia aiming at promoting young people’s awareness of the city’s issues. The event was a combination of exhibition of pictures that capture unforgettable moments of Hanoi and a sharing talk about shooting/photography skills. In the first session, four photographers showed their pictures about one topic of their choice, which included “Hanoi and flowers”, “Hanoi and rain”, “A nostalgic Hanoi” and “A different Hanoi”. Later, photographer Bui Dang Thanh delivered a talk about how to take a good and personalized picture of Hanoi.

The event attracted participation of approximately a hundred young people who have a passion for Hanoi and photography. Miss Tran Bich Ngoc expressed her excitement when attending the event and shared that “I have learnt a lot about Hanoi and photography, including photography skills and personalized skills regarding peaceful moments of Hanoi”. Another participant, Miss Nguyen Thi Thao found it unusually interesting as it was the first time she put her feet in Zone 9 area and enjoyed the “Hanoi and flower” pictures in an obsolete atmosphere.

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