November 18, 2019

On 22nd September 2013, Action for the City in cooperation with the Youth Union and the support from Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Southeast Asia carried out the event “Car free day” in Hoi An, Quang Nam. “Car free day” is one international activity that was initiated by Japan for the purpose of encouraging citizens to protect the environment and the city from pollution by using environment-friendly vehicles. This is the second time that the event was held in Hoi An.

Approximately 300 participants including Youth Union members and students took part in a parade by bicycle around the city – the main activity of the event. Besides that, there were also sideline activities such as an exhibition of “Green Transportation” paintings, oral presentation competition of “New ideas for Transportation” etc.

At the moment, Hoi An is preparing for the campaign “An Ecological-Cultural Tourism Hoi An” in which the citizens shall prioritize environment-friendly vehicles. The event “Car free day” is a remarkable activity emphasizing the citizens’ and leaders’ determination in contributing to a better transportation system of Hoi An.

With the success of this event, Hoi An has officially become the first member of European Mobility Week in Vietnam.

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