October 22, 2018

On July 10th 2009, at Rosa Luxemburg-Stiftung office in Hanoi, the first event of “Youth and Sustainable Development corner” introduced Vietnam Green Generation Network and film screening “The Story of Stuff” hold by RLS office Hanoi in cooperation with Live&Learn Vietnam

Youth and Sustainable Development corner provides a series of events run by youth and for youth, focused on various development issues. With the slogan be Aware and Act, the corner is designed to be a destination of youth to share their thoughts, improve their knowledge and promote sustainable and responsible practices dealing with 2 hot topics of environment and socio-economic development, namely: be Aware and Act against Climate Change and Corruption, according to Ms. Do Van Nguyet of Live&Learn.

This first event introduced Vietnam Green Generation Network (VGGN) – a hub of voluntary groups and individuals who believe and take actions to promote sustainable living through raising awareness and changing behaviors adapting to climate change.

As the first attempt of VGGN, a meaningful and unique film named “The Story of Stuff” is translated into Vietnamese by at least three volunteer groups: Nhiet Huyet (www.nhiethuyet.org), Talking Green Club (www.tgcvn.org) and Hoc That Tot group (http://www.fotech.org/htt/).

Through film “The Story of Stuff” and interactive discussion, participants have raised their thoughts and ideas on what they can do in real life to promote sustainable living, particularly their own commitments to improve sustainable living for their own and in Vietnam as well.

Discussion croups called Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Return ideated lots of green living tips like saving energy in office by less using air-conditioners, turning off laptops when leaving, reducing plastic bags, reusing containers or recycling food to make composts… Especially, adults of group Happy with officers from NGO and private sectors shared theirs thoughts and advice youth ways to live sustainably and happily – “don’t use too much but share to get more”, Mr Thanh said.

Young people share concerns on environment and development issues, show their interests in such discussion and willingness to take actions for better living.

Through these events, RLS and Live&Learn would like to support volunteers groups by passing interesting information centred on the topic of sustainable development, offering a platform for discussion holding training sessions, and help the young volunteers to network with others. The first event is also intended to introduce and promote the Vietnam Green Generation Network and mobilize support from relevant individuals as well as local and international organisations for youth and volunteer groups, which promote awareness and actions for sustainable development in Vietnam.

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