October 22, 2018

June 25th 2011 in Hanoi, a workshop was held on “Wind Energy – Our Future Choice”.  This workshop was a collaborative effort among Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (RLS), the Green Generation Network and Live & Learn Vietnam.  It brought together young people from 10 schools, environmental clubs and youth groups in Hanoi.  Two guest speakers were invited from RAECP and Orange Fleurs D’Espoir  who helped to identify and discuss development needs to facilitate sustainable wind energy in Vietnam.

The workshop focused on two key issues related to wind energy . These issues are: (i) electricity sector in Vietnam; as well as (ii) wind turbine development. Of equal importance were opportunities and challenges of wind power development in Vietnam. The workshop also involved young students in an open discussion with guest speakers and making a wind turbine model which can be used in places with a diverse wind, atmospheric and environmental conditions.

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