May 19, 2019

In 2013, Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Hanoi office continues carrying out its small office events – a sideline activity beside the core projects. The theme topic of Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung’s activities this year is “My city”, with the objective of helping young people and students of Hanoi to understand more about their city – a long-standing history city with a unique culture, hence their understanding of the city will be increased and they feel inspired to act for the city.

The first event of the series, carried out in cooperation with Live and Learn, was entitled “Place we live – city we love” took place at Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Hanoi’s office on 25th May 2013. It attracted approximately 60 participants who are mostly students and youth. The event was organized as a seminar and invited two key speakers: Mr. Dao Ngoc Nghiem, – vice-president of Hanoi Architecture Association and Mr. Nguyen Truong Quy – a writer specialized in writing about Hanoi’s culture to come and share with the participants their knowledge and thoughts about Hanoi’s current issues.

Mr. Dao Duc Nghiem possesses a broad knowledge regarding the concerning issues of Hanoi and is quite well known among the students and young people. He delivered an interesting and inspiring presentation about Hanoi’s issues and what the young people should do to contribute to Hanoi’s development. He determined that the youth – the next generation must be responsible for preserving the cultural value of Hanoi.

Mr. Truong Xuan Quy, an expert in the field of Hanoian culture, has written several articles about Hanoi and has also published his own books about Hanoian culture. He gave an informative and interesting presentation about the topic and how it has changed through the years. In his presentation, he talked about how Hanoi was before and how it is now in terms of geography and population as well as culture. It is quite interesting that many participants, although they are living in Hanoi, were quite surprised when they learnt more about their own city.

As other office events, this event also targeted the young people and students as they are the next generation who would manage the country. Besides the students and youth, the event also attracted the participation from other fields such as press and older people.

During the conference, the participants raised many critical questions to the speakers regarding the issue and shared with others the facts that they were facing in everyday life. Several participants showed their impression by the event and reminded the organizers that they want to be invited to the next office events.

At the end of the event, 350 Vietnam – a social club organized by students, shared information about the projects they were implementing, namely Green Pause (a project with the objective of raising awareness and improving behavior of Hanoi citizens when traveling on the roads) and Khong Coi (a project with the objective of changing habits of people regarding using horns when travelling). The activities of 350 Vietnam are examples for contributions of students and the youth to solving the problems of Hanoi.

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