June 16, 2019

Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (RLS) Hanoi opened its doors for interested guests on 24 June, 2011. During one hour in the afternoon around 40 guests visited our office to see how we work and to learn more about the work and life of Rosa Luxemburg which was presented in an exhibition in Vietnamese language. The guests also had a chance to look behind our office doors and to see how we work in daily life. In the evening the new country representative, Ms Nadja Charaby, invited partners, friends and colleagues to a welcome celebration.

The guests were welcomed by a distinguished welcome speech of Mr. Meyer-Wieffhausen, Head of Mission of the German Embassy Hanoi. Mr. Meyer-Wieffhausen congratulated Ms Charaby being the new Country Representative and expressed his appreciation for the work of the German political foundations in Vietnam. Mr. Tran Dac Loi, Vice President of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations, also welcomed the guests with a benevolent speech. He congratulated the new Country Representative for taking over this new responsibility and emphasized the great achievements of RLS since opening the office in 2009. Furthermore, Mr. Tran Dac Loi pointed out the special contribution of RLS to Vietnam’s development due to its international networks of intellectuals and experts. As representative of one of RLS’ oldest partner organizations, Professor Nguyen Van Khanh, Rector of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities Hanoi, presented the achievements of the co-operation with RLS and expressed its appreciation for the support the University received in the fields of political sciences and education reform. The final welcome contribution by Mr. Tran Duong, a biographer of Rosa Luxemburg, rounded up the welcome session with a distinguished comment on the meaning of Rosa Luxemburg’s work for the work of RLS in Vietnam and for an approach towards achieving a just and sustainable development. The evening was a successful event that brought together different partners and friends. It created a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for the work of the new Country Representative of RLS. Ms Nadja Charaby expressed her sincere thanks towards the speakers, the profound base for her work setup by her predecessor Ms Dorit Lehrack and for all the support from the local staff of RLS Vietnam whose knowledge is essential for the success of a Country Representative’s work.

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