October 22, 2018

With the support of Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung South East Asia, the Institute for Legislative Studies (ILS) organized an international conference entitled “Organization and operation of the parliaments – Vietnamese and international experiences” in Ho Chi Minh City on the two days 24th and 25th April 2014. Participants who are members of parliament (MP) and experts/researchers of parliamentary supporting agencies from Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar were invited. The conference also received the participation of experts from Germany, Canada and France who are practically experienced and knowledgeable. The conference was expected to create a space for domestic and international exchanges with regard to organizational structure and performance of the parliament.

Taking part in the conference, participants had chance to listen to speeches given by experts of the field addressing the issues of organizational model and operational scheme of parliaments, legislative and law-making process, and oversight role of parliaments. Those are all practical experience of presenters withdrawn from their many years at work.

The conference was initiated from the fact that in November 2013, the National Assembly of Vietnam passed the Amendment of 1992 Constitution with several amended clauses concerning the organization of State agencies and the executive of State power. Accordingly, a law on Organization of the National Assembly is expected to be passed. The conference therefore was an excellent opportunity for Vietnamese Members of Parliament and their supporting staff to have comparative views on above-mentioned issues from their regional and international peers, by which they could make useful contribution to the amendment of Law on Organization of National Assembly in the upcoming sessions.

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